Yarzada Tea


Freshly made from selected ingredients.

About Us

Welcome to our company, where we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of services to our esteemed customers. With our main hub located in Pakistan, we have expanded our operations to countries like Russia, Afghanistan, China, and the UAE, ensuring that our services reach a wider audience.

One of our core services revolves around the distribution of premium-quality teas. We specialize in importing and distributing both black tea and green tea, ensuring that our customers have access to the finest tea options available in the market.

Our black tea is sourced from renowned tea-producing regions such as Kenya, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These regions are known for their exceptional tea cultivation practices and the unique flavor profiles they offer. We carefully select our black tea to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards, providing our customers with a rich and satisfying tea experience.


In addition to black tea, we also import green tea from Vietnam. Green tea is renowned for its numerous health benefits and delicate flavor. We understand the importance of offering our customers a wide variety of choices, and our green tea selection is curated to provide a refreshing and invigorating experience.